Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 200th follower! :)

I'm on a logger mode these past few weeks owing to consistent works to be done. From thesis, credentials, graduation shoot, internship and all that jazz! My blame is also on myself for declining rank on topblogs. L

Anyway, I haven't become aware of having 200 followers now on blogspot! =) Thank you to one of my readers who notified me about this. Well, I'm looking forward to become a formal blogger someday. I mean a blogger who really do an outfit shot, a blogger who blog because she/he shop & one who throw giveaways and accept sponsorship. =) More powers to us guys! I'm halfway on our sem break so stay tuned! <3


  1. goodluck girl! .... just keep posting .. congrats for the coming grad , busy tlga yan at sa dami ng followers mo ..sana maabot ko din yan

  2. Congrat!! I'm very happy for u^^

  3. This means that you are very popular! You write very interesting, in that so many readers) I have to join them!
    Subscribe to me) Thank you!