Saturday, October 20, 2012

My 19th Birthday

I'm 19! Goodbye to my youthful era! =( October 12 is also our 2nd day of final exam. One of my professors on major subject made a deal. If I get a 70% grade on his exam, I'm already "FLAT 1.00" on my final average. Say what? HAHA! I'm so eager to get flat 1.00 that I even push through my birthday celebration.

I got so much surprises and gifts on my birthday. From freedom wall post,letters,t-shirt,short,leather bracelet set,spiked bracelet, tiramisu cake,caramia cake & flowers! :* It was a heartfelt one.

I wanted a simple celebration. Good thing my college friends only demanded to have a swimming. I must say that they are sick of going to Tomas Morato. hahaha! 

Thanks to my parents, friends & boyfie! You guys rock! Love you all! :*


  1. Happy Birthday! :) All the best - keep up great blogging. ^^

  2. Happy Birthday! You got some lovely presents - I love the flowers and cakes. I hope you had a lovely day xxx

  3. Happy belated birthday!! Spending your birthday with your closest friends is the best! ^^ Yaaaay