Monday, December 3, 2012

Graduation Creative Shot: French Doll

So, this post will be my proof for my “blog leave”. =) It’s been a month since we had our graduation picture and creative shot. I am down in the dumps for keeping my blog outdated. In any case, that would be the undertakings when one will be graduating. =)

Anyway, I am the type of a person who hates to be copied or vice-versa. I wanted a one of a kind theme. Critically thinking for a creative shot concept, I formed this what-so-called “FRENCH GIRL” persona and I am excited to share this to you guise.

Photo bomb alert!!

Hair and Make-up done: (Photos are not part of my photoshoot )

Picture with my 'effin gorgeous friends

May you want to give opinions on our creative shot title =)

Comments or reactions? =)

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  2. Really cute and creative. :D For my graduation pic, I wore a tiger kigurumi. Everyone was wearing a dress/gown and I was wearing a pajama. Haha :D

  3. cute dool look!
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