Sunday, April 20, 2014

ADHOC Limitless

Every semester, each ADHOC team is tasked to create a PARTY with a pioneering concept that is meant to continue the legacy of the UP Junior Marketing Association ADHOC projects, which have consistently been successful. 

It is the organization’s most prestigious social project that aims to bring together college students and young professionals in the Metro in a groundbreaking and innovative event. The ADHOC Major Event is UP JMA’s largest fund-raiser for its beneficiaries, the Kids Integrated Development through Schooling (K.I.D.S.) Program, and the UP JMA Scholarship Fund. 

Last February 22, 2014 the UP JMA held the event at World Trade Center and I should say that they really threw a limitless party. To start, lemme show you some of our photos. :)

My company for the event

And if you see it, you'll shit brix #photobomb

So we put our hands up, like the ceiling can't hold us.

Good thing they had food stalls outside :)

And of course, for my oh oh tee dee, I invested more on grungy look and pegging for Lua P.of Lookbook.

Hype my look:

Solid night it was! 'Til the next Adhoc partyphiles and adrenalists! ;)

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