Thursday, December 27, 2012

BTS: Graduation Picture

Before the year ends, I want to include my graduation pictures as a blog post. This is a long overdue. Up till now its stack on my laptop well in fact we had our photoshoot last October.

Three months down and I'll be graduating at 19 years old of age while pharmacist get their license at 21 yrs.old. So I guess it's time to pursue what I really want, more on passion than a formal profession. You know what it is guise, most of us blog because of fashion. Well my parents even told me so 'coz they know how I am enthusiastic and updated to it. ;) Hope it’s not a dismissive advice they gave to me.

Anyway, here are my graduation pictures behind the scenes.

Having my hair and make-up done

While waiting for my turn, I had a time to emote (this is just a part of my several "dramatic" post) lol

My chosen color combo for formal attire


Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Cheeze! That's what my statement shirt says! I decided to wear that when I'm reading the blog of JP Singson  on behalf that he also gave me complimentary pass on Bloggers United 4. Thanks Sir JP! =) He is really exquisite on the way he dress and I find it to be cool! I'm inspired with his avant-garde looks, more on wearing black and white with bulky, distressed clothes and trousers. As I have said to you guys, I'm unstable and all around when it comes to dressing. 

Also noted lookbookers are David Guison (for male) and Alyssa Lau (for female) who used to tie polos around their waist to make the look more edgy. Black is such a universal color and these days I can’t get enough of them. =)  

Bloggers United 4

Well, Hello there! =) I'm currently here at the Army General Hospital and fortunately, wifi is functioning fast. Without much ado here since it's also holiday, I'm gonna update you guys with my experience during Bloggers United 4 which was held at World Trade Center last week. December 15 is such a huge day because it's our first day of exam, bloggers united 4 and also our college party "Pharmaskuhan". Say hello to my eventful schedule that day. 

I've joined a lot (I think 6x) of BU4 pass giveaway and I'm so blessed that I won 4 passes so I gave my spare tickets to my friends. The difference with that in the ordinary pass is that it has Php 500 voucher of Zalora. Thank you JP, Kookie, Angela and Cheyser for the tickets. =)

Meet the Bloggers United 4 participants. (drumrolls please) ;)

Divine Lee, the Mother Becky who really wants my muscle top. =)

Arnie, the very welcoming girl =)

Bought mostly of Cheyz items so did my friend who bought 7 pieces =)

Kryz! Always a stunner <3

Thank you JP for the guestlist! I'm sad that I don't have picture with Lola Androgynous

The very lovely Patricia. I always see her wearing a smile. =)

With Ms.Kookie,one of the fiercest girl I've met. 

With Aivan and her brother. Cute pose we got there! =P

Adorable Dani with his (boyfriend?) Gerard. hihi

David also wears the cat ears craze! Cute!

Enciso sisters, Vern & Verniece wearing terno dresses! They're so perfect! <3

Nice dress Alyssa! =) Such a head turner.

Couple Seph and Shai, guy style blog + girl style blog <3

The BU4 organizers. Ms.Pax and Ms.Ana

The PR Guy. Haggard me! T_T

Thanks Ate Mariel for accepting my fb request. =)

Never had any idea that Ms.Raleene is a singer. Her voice is so gorgeous! =)

I conclude that Bloggers United 4 is successful! Wooot! =D
So that's it! I'll be posting a separate one for my outfit last BU4 because this is such a photo blast. lol! How about you guys? How's you're weekend? 


Monday, December 3, 2012

Graduation Creative Shot: French Doll

So, this post will be my proof for my “blog leave”. =) It’s been a month since we had our graduation picture and creative shot. I am down in the dumps for keeping my blog outdated. In any case, that would be the undertakings when one will be graduating. =)

Anyway, I am the type of a person who hates to be copied or vice-versa. I wanted a one of a kind theme. Critically thinking for a creative shot concept, I formed this what-so-called “FRENCH GIRL” persona and I am excited to share this to you guise.

Photo bomb alert!!

Hair and Make-up done: (Photos are not part of my photoshoot )

Picture with my 'effin gorgeous friends

May you want to give opinions on our creative shot title =)

Comments or reactions? =)

Don't forget to hype my look here:


Sunday, October 21, 2012

New In: Neon Accesories

168 Mall is my stop shop when I buy accessories. There's no difference with it on online shops except that Divisoria offers an economical price. The chained & spiked bracelet only cost P35/3 for P100! The braided headband only cost P50 while you find it P80 on online shops. 

I'm not against online shops. I just really need to have a thrifty shopping particularly on accessories for the fact that I have habitual compulsive buying. =)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

My 19th Birthday

I'm 19! Goodbye to my youthful era! =( October 12 is also our 2nd day of final exam. One of my professors on major subject made a deal. If I get a 70% grade on his exam, I'm already "FLAT 1.00" on my final average. Say what? HAHA! I'm so eager to get flat 1.00 that I even push through my birthday celebration.

I got so much surprises and gifts on my birthday. From freedom wall post,letters,t-shirt,short,leather bracelet set,spiked bracelet, tiramisu cake,caramia cake & flowers! :* It was a heartfelt one.

I wanted a simple celebration. Good thing my college friends only demanded to have a swimming. I must say that they are sick of going to Tomas Morato. hahaha! 

Thanks to my parents, friends & boyfie! You guys rock! Love you all! :*

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy 200th follower! :)

I'm on a logger mode these past few weeks owing to consistent works to be done. From thesis, credentials, graduation shoot, internship and all that jazz! My blame is also on myself for declining rank on topblogs. L

Anyway, I haven't become aware of having 200 followers now on blogspot! =) Thank you to one of my readers who notified me about this. Well, I'm looking forward to become a formal blogger someday. I mean a blogger who really do an outfit shot, a blogger who blog because she/he shop & one who throw giveaways and accept sponsorship. =) More powers to us guys! I'm halfway on our sem break so stay tuned! <3